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At Kuhlman & Lucas, referring attorneys are the lifeblood of our business and we enjoy working with other attorneys on cases.

Whether your client’s case is an auto defect, a semi truck crash or a bedsore in a nursing home, we want to work with you.


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How it Works

Unlike some firms, when you initially contact us about a case, we don’t make demands about fee splits or who will do what.

We talk with you about what you want to do, how much of the case financing you want to undertake and work out an agreement that complies with the applicable ethical rules. ¬†That way you’re happy, we’re happy and the client wins.

We pride ourselves in taking on each case with determination and integrity, thoroughly working cases in order to obtain the best result for our clients.  The attorneys at Kuhlman & Lucas, LLC have substantial experience representing those who have suffered a catastrophic loss against the toughest litigants, including car manufacturers and gigantic companies.

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