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Medical Malpractice Claims

Most people who suffer injury or a worsening of a condition after receiving some type of medical treatment assume that the doctor did everything that could be done to care for them.

What they frequently do not realize is that the doctor may have made a mistake that caused their pain and suffering. When doctors make a mistake or act negligently, the results can be tragic or even fatal for the patient. If you or a loved one has been harmed by a physician’s negligence, you need the successful medical malpractice attorneys at Kuhlman & Lucas, LLC on your side.

Types of Medical Malpractice Cases

People rely upon doctors to determine what is wrong with them and to provide a solution.  In some instances a proper and timely diagnosis is absolutely critical to a patient’s survival.  Unfortunately, doctors occasionally fail to properly diagnose conditions, such as cancer or an infection, and the passage of time between the failure to diagnose and the time when the condition is recognized causes the patient severe injury or an inability to recover from the condition.  If you or a loved one has suffered injury or death as the result of a doctor’s failure to diagnose a condition, contact Kansas City’s medical malpractice lawyers at Kuhlman & Lucas, LLC today for a free case evaluation.

In today’s society more and more of the medical practice appears focused upon prescribing medications to fix symptoms rather than treating the underlying cause of those symptoms.  This can create dangerous situations as these drugs interact within the body and can severely damage organ systems, or kill the patient.  If you have been injured, or have lost a loved one, as the result of a medication error, contact Kuhlman & Lucas, LLC today for a free case evaluation.

Undergoing a surgical procedure is a daunting moment in any patient’s life. A patient is forced to forego control of his or her own body and entrust his or her life and safety to surgeons and anesthesiologists.  Occasionally, these doctors make mistakes such as providing the wrong medication during anesthesia, leaving an instrument in a patient, or erroneously dissecting a vein or artery during the procedure.  These errors can cause catastrophic injuries or death, and the doctors committing these errors should be held accountable.  If you have been injured by the negligence of a medical provider, contact Kuhlman & Lucas, LLC today for a free case evaluation.

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